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beckernobunker.JPG (11526 bytes)Becker - Pilot, originally aired Nov 2, 1998

From TV Guide, Oct 31 - Nov 6, 1998

Close-Up on Becker :

Bronx Bombast

Debut: Ted Danson played a legendary relief pitcher on NBC's Cheers for 11 years.  Now, CBS brings him out of the bullpen to relieve cancelation casualty The Brian Benben Show.  John Becker (Danson) is a curmuedgeonly Bronx doctor who, in the opener, complains about everything from "white trash" to "parasitic car salesmen." But later on, he reveals a softer side when treating an HIV-positive boy.   "He wants to do the right thing as a doctor," says Danson.   "But his bedside manner [stinks]."  How will viewers react to his coarse remarks?  Creator Dave Hackel says, "I hope people will look and say 'Finally, someone's saying what I'm thinking'."

Becker airs Monday's on CBS at 9:30 PM Eastern/Pacific

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"What kind of idiot buys a movie ticket, then sits there and has a conversation? Here’s how it works: The actors talk, not the audience. That ’s why the seats face the screen instead of each other. And don’t yell advice at the characters. It’s a movie! They can’t hear you, but I, shut the hell up!"
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Becker's irritation with trashy television talk shows and sleazy car salesmen takes a back seat to his concern for an HIV-positive 7-year-old patient whose condition has gotten worse in the premiere episode of Becker.

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